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Why test for Radon?

The only way to know if your home contains dangerous levels of Radon is to test.

Testing  is simple and easy, why wait?

Make your home a safer place today!

Any home can be affected by Radon exposure, your neighbour could have high levels and you could be safe. Their's only one way to know, test your home today!


Radon levels  fluctuate depending on the weather, humidity, the home’s construction, and the time of year.


Winter is the best time to test for Radon because windows and doors tend to be kept shut during most of the season, which allows any toxins in the home to build up. 

Radon levels


Levels of 200Bq/M³ and over are considered to be harmful and Health Canada recommends taking action.


Even at that level, Radon exposure can still be a danger to your family.

We follow Health Canada protocols when testing to provide you with quick and accurate results.

Radon action levels

How we test

We use the latest technology and cutting edge Radon testing devices, which allows us to test quickly and with accurate readings.

  Following Health Canada guidelines, we use our expertise to provide you with the answers and solutions you need.


The only way to know is to test

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Radon Montreal is certified by the C-NRPP

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