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Houses radon free

Radon is completely preventable


Every home has some traces of Radon. There's no need to panic if your home has high Radon levels.

Often, simple measures such as sealing cracks, covering open sump pits, or using your air exchanger can bring down the level of Radon to an 'acceptable' level.

As a final resort, we can design a system to expel the Radon from your home, keeping you and your family safe.

What we do


As Radon mitigation professionals, we design effective and efficient Radon control systems specific to Canada’s cold climate, and ensure the final installation is the best fit for your home.


We assess the many factors that influence Radon infiltration, such as construction type, climate, geology, and the operating systems of a building. 

Radon is our business and we guarantee to lower the levels of Radon in your home to a safe level keeping you and your loved ones safe.

The mitigation process


Home Assessment

First we evaluate the basement foundation, potential Radon entry points, the sub-slab  material and how the basement spaces are used to come up with a potential Radon mitigation design that maximizes efficiency and minimizes cost. We provide you with an accurate estimate and a Radon mitigation system design.

Mitigation Diagnostics

Using specialized tools and detailed pressure measurements we follow a specific Health Canada process to demonstrate that our design is engineered to protect the entire foundation.

Mitigation Installation

We install the mitigation system in your home. We'll vent the system outside of your home, and complete the piping, bracing, fan installation, sealing, system monitor and labelling. Once everything is installed we will perform another pressure test to make sure the entire system is effectively treating the entire foundation, and creating a safe environment for your home.

Homeowners spend a small fortune in home improvements... investing in the quality of the air your family breathes should be a priority.

Radon Montreal
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Radon Professionals

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Radon Montreal is certified by the C-NRPP

Mitigation: CRMT-202450

Testing: CRT-202369

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